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5 Ways to Store & Organise Your Handbags & Purses on a Shoe String Budget

Picture this scenario…

Because of your undivided love of Stylifik handbags and purses, you now own so many you could possibly open your own handbag store. In essence this is great because you have a wide variety of handbags, which probably go with most the outfits in your closet.

But the question is where or how do you store them?

If you’re anything like me (well how I used to be) you probably pack away the ones you don’t wear as much, in to storage solutions like containers, boxes, store away bags etc. Then you get all give yourself a nice pat on the back, because after all you have now created some much needed space in your bedroom.

So what’s the problem you may ask?

Well isn’t it a pain in the behind when you realise the very next week, or (even next day) you desperately need to wear that handbag, you just happened to pack away.

So what do you do?

Forget about that specific handbag, and just wear the first bag that you can find……….Yeah Right! You go back through all the storage solutions, to find that one precious handbag. At this point you’re probably stressed, and don’t even mention the mess you’ve now made, and have to clean up by packing away your handbags, and purses AGAIN!

Well hold on to your seats guys as I have 5 sure fire ways, to keep those handbags and purses organised on a budget.

1. Hang your handbags on hangers, and place them in your wardrobe.

Hanging your handbags on hangers and then placing them in your wardrobe will keep your handbags scuff free, neat, organised and save you huge amounts of room space.
Not enough space to hang all your handbags in your closet?

No worries simply place the smaller handbags inside of larger ones, this will give you some much needed space. Also remember to sort them by colour, as this will make it easier for you to find your required handbag.

2. Hang your handbags on coat hooks

The great thing about this idea, is that you can get as creative as you like. For example you could cover the wall entirely with your handbags, creating a new Stylifik way of decorating!

3. Use an over the door shoe organizer.

There are two types of over the door shoe organizers, the first is the metal organizer.

The metal organizer is my favourite because it has no plastic pockets, therefore it can hold your handbags as well as your purses.

Pros: Because the holder is metal, it can hold different size handbags and purses

Cons: Your purses may occasionally fall out when you open and close the door as there is no plastic pocket to secure them

The second type of over the door shoe organizer, is the plastic shoe organiser. The plastic shoe organiser, is designed with plastic pockets. Some even have flaps to keep your shoes or purses (as we are discussing), securely inside.

Pros: The plastic pockets will keep your purses from falling out

Cons: You can not store handbags

Cons: Some purses may not fit in to the plastic pockets, as the pockets may be too small

The beauty about over the door shoe organizers, is that some of them hold up to 18 pairs of shoes. Now in terms of storing your handbags and purses, you would be saving a LOT of space.

4. Stand your handbags and purses up like books, on a shelve above your closet.

This is a great idea as it will keep your handbags neat and tidy, and it will also give you a clear view of all your handbags and purses. This in turn will blissfully eliminate the need to ransack all your neatly packed storage solutions, to find one handbag.

I mean think about it………..it really doesn’t get any better than opening your wardrobe, and seeing neatly seated handbags and purses on the top shelve, clothing neatly set on hangers in the middle, and shoes carefully placed in the bottom.

Believe me your bedroom will thank you a plenty for doing this!

5. Use clear plastic boxes

Using clear plastic boxes can be a great way of storing your handbags and purses, as you can take photos of your handbags and purses, and place it on the front of the boxes, so you know exactly what’s in each box.

Plastic boxes are also stackable, so arranging your handbags and purses according to the seasons, how frequently you use them or size will drastically help you find, your favourite accessories easily every time.

About the author: Sam Brimmers stylifik endeavours include garment and accessory construction, a keen eye for timeless style and extensive knowledge of the creation and cultural history of handbags.

Sam’s love of quality handbags and purses, have lead her to provide a “Serene” place where handbag lovers alike, can indulge in the ultimate accessory heaven.

For more information please Click Here: http://www.bagsofserene.com

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  2. August 5, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    This was very helpful. I’ve been tired of digging through my one storage box for hand bags, and I’ve discovered how much I enjoy matching.

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